No Stress


"Maureen's hypnotherapy treatments have been a fundamental part of my recovery form adrenal fatigue and anxiety.

She has a very calming presence and confidence in all that she offers, I always feel she listens to me with care and from her extensive training and experience knows exactly what to say to create a rapid positive shift in me.

I am very impressed with Maureen's high level of professionalism and caring empathy, I know I can safely tell her my deepest secrets and fears in confidence, and by the end of each session feel she has thoroughly addressed all my concerns.

My results with Maureen have been amazing and I encourage anyone wanting more out of life to try her hypnotherapy."

RM male: North Shore

Stress & Anxiety

Stress ---> anxiety --> tension ---> phobias ---> panic attack
Addictions ---> anxiety disorders ---> depression ---> health problems

The best strategy for avoiding stress and anxiety is to learn how to relax body and mind with Hypnotherapy. Often ONE SESSION of Hypnotherapy is all you need to feel the deep relaxing calming effects of Hypnosis – easily coping with life’s ups downs and challenges, and doing this well!!!
  • Hypnosis is a very deep and peaceful mental and physical state likened to sleep. Clients regularly and continuously say “I feel like I have had a good night’s sleep, I have never felt so relaxed!”. Thirty minutes of deep Hypnosis can seem like seven or eight hours deep restful sleep.
Recognising stress:
Stressed Out
  • Do you get a tightening in your stomach or neck muscles?
  • Easily angry?
  • Mouth dry?
  • Breathing more rapid?
  • Heart pumping faster?
  • Tense muscles in legs, or feel like running away? (fight or flight)
  • Can’t cope?
  • Can’t sleep well?
  • Can’t concentrate?.
  • Irritable?
  • You may have become so conditioned to expect problems that you develop headaches, or feel nauseous.
Ways to avoid stress:
  • Recognise the early warning signs, start a daily exercise routine.
  • Practice deep breathing. (make sure you do this correctly).**
  • Practice relaxation exercises daily at least two times daily. **CD or MP3 will be sent to you on request. Phone or email or Phone 4822 152.
  • Speak up for yourself, delegate, say no, (remember it is your right to do so) *** Self Assertiveness Classes Taught
  • Must you always win – sometimes just give in, you may be surprised at how this works out for you.
  • Avoid self medication. Drugs do not remove the conditions that caused the stress in the first place. Seek professional help to help to eliminate these conditions.
Self Assertiveness Classes
Relaxation CD or MP3
Sleeptalk NZ for Children (Accredited Sleeptalk Practitioner)
Bedwetting, Tantrums, behaviour problems