Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hypnotherapy?
It is therapy given to you whilst in hypnosis. Hypnosis is a natural mind ‘switch’ that you often go into during the day, like day dreaming, watching a movie, yes, even when driving your car! When you are watching a movie there is a part of you that knows you are sitting in the cinema or at home in the chair, but the other part of you, the hypnotic part, feels happy, or sad, or frightened or excited as you become so involved in that movie. Is that logical? You know you’re sitting safely in the chair at home, or in the cinema, yet you can get so scared, or laugh, or cry or feel the thrill of super excitement, just from watching a movie. You are in hypnosis. You have changed your mental ‘state’ from a conscious state, to a sub-conscious (hypnotic) state!!!

What happens to me?
In clinic I tell you some funny stories and use safe easy proven methods to induce you into, and effect hypnosis. You are so relaxed and happy you just want to stay there and you may even feel a lovely sense of lightness or warmth in your hands, or heaviness in your arms that you enjoy. You will hear every day normal sounds, my voice, some music, other people talking in the distance perhaps.

I am worried I can’t be hypnotised
Leave it to me. You don’t have to do anything! Just enjoy!

Can I move?
You can nod your head, move, scratch, talk, laugh, (remember the movies?)

Is it like meditation or yoga?
There is an important point of difference: In meditation you ‘empty’ your mind, with hypnotherapy you ‘fill’ your mind with powerful positive safe suggestions by an experienced, qualified, registered hypnotherapist. (NZHRB Inc).

Will I be successful in achieving my goal?
Your commitment to working with your therapist will bring you success.

Will I remember what is said?
Some clients have full recall, some have partial recall.

Does hypnotherapy work?
YES, the skill of the therapist and your commitment working together with a skilled, experienced, therapist, can bring about rapid, powerful permanent change at a sub-conscious level, all permanent change needs to take place at a sub-conscious level.
WHY? Because hypnosis therapy can access more deeply into parts of the brain than just the conscious mind, where negative unresolved emotions ‘hide away’. They are safely and gently with expertise treated with hypnotherapy, bringing about, often enormous relief, to clients. It is at this stage that you are gently, slowly brought back to conscious awareness noticing often within 48 hours a positive transformation within you.

What happens when you come into clinic?
As I want to know all about you, you are asked to fill out a questionnaire and after an in depth consultation, a treatment plan is formulated for you with your approval and we then begin therapy.

How many sessions will I need?
Occasionally one, but in general terms, three to five, you are a special person, and due to the many variables of human nature it is difficult to say.

What Hypnotherapy is NOT.
Hypnotherapy is not mind control, YOU are always in control, you will never say or do anything against your will. Because anything suggested to you that you don’t want to do, is REJECTED by you and you DON’T DO IT!
Hypnotherapy is not sleep. At all times you are awake, just in an altered state, a hypnotic state of mind!