No Fear


"Hi Maureen, I have been up to Macchu Pichu, up in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon and enjoyed it, I felt liberated, the fear has gone!!! Thank you so much. I am so appreciative." SA: Auckland

"I am sleeping a lot better at night, and I’ve had a shift in thinking, I’m thinking less and less about flight to UK and was winding myself up. If I feel myself getting wound up, I can now let go, and it’s good. I’m actually looking forward to the flight."
Three months later: "Maureen, thank you so much, it has made my life so much happier and I’m going back to UK again in a few months and I’m looking forward to it!! I can hardly believe it, I am so thankful." Anonymous: Whangaparaoa

"You will be please to hear that I had a blood test late on Friday afternoon. I feel this went unbelievable well, as I not only had the test, but I watched the actual blood going into the tube. There was no anxiety or feeling like I was about to pass out. I actually watched the test itself. I cannot believe I would ever be able to do that. Maureen, thank you so much for your help. I just cannot believe the change."

"I couldn’t go into my bathroom without feeling panic, I’d get to the door and and panic, then have to go, I’d imagine there was a cockroach there, even though we’d had them exterminated, but even if I went in and couldn’t see one, I looked everywhere, trying to shower or clean my teeth was terrifying. After hypnotherapy I can’t believe it, I saw a cockroach outside the house the other day and I banged it with the broom and put it in the compost, and it didn’t worry me!! My life has changed and I am so grateful." Cynthia: East Auckland

Phobias - Panic / Anxiety Attacks

You may be asking yourself WHY have I developed this phobia or feeling of panic and anxiety? And WHAT can I do about it?

It could be from learned behaviour, (childhood conditioning) (see Pavlov’s dog)
a frightening event or trauma in your life, which you may remember or may not remember but is stuck in your sub conscious mind still affecting you.

When you come into clinic:
  • You learn how and why your sub conscious mind has created these responses within you.
  • You learn how your conscious mind effects your symptoms, the power of your thoughts, negative thinking
  • You learn how your special personality type can make you more susceptible to certain conditions how - why you respond this way, whilst others just take it in their stride.
  • You learn about your childhood conditioning, learned behaviour (see Pavlov’s dog).
  • You learn how hypnotherapy can change your behaviour / responses.

  • Your inner mind (sub conscious) is then given gentle healing therapy to resolve / eliminate these feelings
  • You are given tools to manage symptoms.
  • You are taught self hypnosis.

A PHOBIA is when the nervous system goes into "overload", when you see or think about a particular stimulous, and you feel shaky, breathless, sweating, your heart is racing, you may feel light headed, you may want to run, or even feel "frozen to the spot", when you see, or think about e.g. spiders, dogs, cats, needles, birds, cockroaches, a person, dentist, open spaces, closed in spaces, and more …

A PANIC ATTACK is an overwhelming feeling of panic "coming out of nowhere", where you may feel
  • hot, shaky, your mind racing, your heart racing, you feel sick, dizzy, with an overall feeling of fear and dread, and you just cannot control this awful feeling(s) … you wonder what is happening to you … and the more you try to control it, (which you do because you want to avoid those horrible feelings), the stronger it gets.